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         2023-08-24     已有1人瀏覽

        Conclusion: In general, terms, the new crop is developing well without significant incident of pest or weather  conditions. The olive groves present a healthy situation but poor amount of olive fruits. The fruits are  developing without any affected pest like fly, etc. The olive trees are starting to present some hydric stress that could affect to the fruits. The  humidity of the soil is enough for the current develop of fruits by now and supporting the  summer. The temperatures and weather conditions are the usual for this period of the year although we  are reaching to some peaks of temperature of 45oC. These heat waves were not so many days  therefore the incident in the trees was not very significant.  In addition, I must mentioned that this summer we had a good thermal amplitude between day  and night, this gives a rest to the tree during the nights.  


        Going around the area, we can find some farms with very healthy fruits in a good develop. In  the other hands, others farms present shortage of water with the wrinkled fruits. As well, other  farms present small and short developed fruits. Regarding to maturity of the fruits; the fruits show better maturity than previous season; some  of them present a yield of 11% at the beginning of August. It seems to be that harvest will start  earlier this season due the advanced maturity of fruits. Below some pictures took on date 20th August 2023.  The pictures were taken in new frame farms (intense farms) , old frame farms and super intense  farms.  The farms with irrigation systems present better-developed fruits with better sizes, those farms  without irrigation present poor fruits.  In general, all farms present poor amount of olive fruits on the trees.